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Specifications︰ Resistance to alkali. The pigments is stable to alkaline substance, such as cement, lime, etc. It does
cause efflorescence in concrete construction, nor affects their strength.
Resistance to acid. The pigments is stable in weak and dilute acid, but sensitive to strong acid.
Fastness to light. The pigments is characterized by excellent fastness to light. They can with stand exposure to strong sunlight without discoloration.
Fastness to heart. No discoloration will occur with a certain limit of temperature. The maximum limit of heart fastness of the pigments is 520.
Resistance to water, oil and solvents . The pigments is insoluble in water, mineral oil, vegetable oil and organic solvents, also they will not bleed.
Other The pigments can enhance the anti-corrosive properties in  paint. It  not only has no effect on the vulcanizing process rubble, but also reinforce rubber products. They improve the resistance to abrasion of plastic goods, such as brake lining and brake petal etc.

Advantages︰ Packed in 25kg net each , palletized with 40 bags to each pallet , or packed in 1000kg net each and palletized with one super sack to each pallet , and strictly separated from acid &alkali in storage & transportation , up to the industry standard .It can also be pa-cked according to client`s requrirement.

Standard Met︰ ISO9001 :2008

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