SUPBENT 3000 rheological additive

SUPBENT 3000  rheological additive

Model No.︰-

Brand Name︰NL

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ SUPBENT 3000
Rheological Additive

is a highly purified white clays ,refined from carefully selected, highly purified naturally attapulgite Clay. There are many advantage by adding SUPBENT 3000 as following: Viscosity Stability and Reproducibility in Emulsion and Water Soluble Systems;Prevents Pigment Settling.; Film Reinforcement Through its Unique Gel Lattice Structure .

Advantages︰ It can be used both in water based system and oil based system.
Very high viscosity
Easier dispersing

Export Markets︰ World wide

Pricing︰ USd1500/MT

Payment Details︰ L/C at sight

Min Order︰ 1 Mt

Ship Date︰ 15 day after L/C received

Standard Met︰ ISO9001