SUPBENT®LD BENTONITE for water based drilling mud

SUPBENT®LD   BENTONITE for water based drilling mud



Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

SUPBENT is a drilling mud, or drilling gel, is a major component in the well drilling process. SUPBENT-LD is crucial in the extraction of drill cuttings during the drilling process. SUPBENT-LD , when mixed with water, forms a fluid (or slurry) that is pumped through the drill stem, and out through the drill bit. SUPBENT-LD extracts the drill cuttings from around the bit, which are then floated to the surface. SUPBENT-LD also serves to cool and lubricate the drill bit as well as seal the drill hole against seepage and to prevent wall.

Specifications︰ Typical Properties

Composition sodium bentonite
Color Cream
Form Finely divided powder
Specific weight g/cm 3 1.0 Moisture Content, % 15.0 max
Filtrate, ml/30 min 13.5 max
Mud yield (M3/MT) 17.0 Min
Fineness, Wet Sieve Analysis ,on the No. 200 sieve max % 5.0


For use where a specially formulated high yield bentonite is required, such as where river crossing, pipeline, utilities and other infrastructure reconditioning is being performed

Advantages︰ +Quick mixing and high yielding.
+Improved bore cleaning
+Maximum cuttings suspension
+Insures greater bore hole stability in unconsolidated formations
+Forms a thin, impermeable filter cake to reduce fluid loss.

Export Markets︰ WORLD WIDE

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Payment Details︰ L/C AT SIGHT

Min Order︰ 1 MT

Ship Date︰ 30 DAYS AFTER L/C

Standard Met︰ ISO 9001

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