SUPBENT ® MP -- Synthetic Hectorite

SUPBENT ® MP -- Synthetic Hectorite

Model No.︰MP

Brand Name︰SUPBENT

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ SUPBENT -MP
Rheological Additive

Is a highly-purified, synthetic layer clay, with mutual performance to various types of formulations It will form highly viscosity and excellent thixotropic, heat stable, clear gels when dispersed in water at a 1-3% solids level SUPBENT -MP can be easily dispersed under shear mixing equipment and has a very high surface area. It provides synergistic viscosity and suspension properties .
SUPBENT -MP is free of crystalline silica and other impurities.

l Household and industrial cleaners
l Water based Paints and coatings
l Water based Personal care products
l Cosmetics

When SUPBENT -MP is added to water ,the dispersing shear forces is necessary to help the system to establish a stable rheological gel sturcture. After sixty minutes suitable dispersing a clear and higher viscosity gellation established.If the water been heated to 60 C-80 C the full dispersing time will be 5 –10 Min. Use levels of SUPBENT MP will be from 0.2-3.0% by weight of the formulation.

Advantages︰ + light color
+higher viscosity
+Nano size

Export Markets︰ World wide

Pricing︰ n/a

Payment Details︰ L/C at sight

Min Order︰ 1 MT

Ship Date︰ 15 days after L/C

Standard Met︰ ISO-9002