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+ DRY POWDER IN-SITU ADDITION:1. For wettable resin or pigment, choose BESTGEL easier dispersing grade and add directly to accomplish in-situ incorporation:1) Solvents and resin, mix2) BESTGEL organo clay powder, mix for 10 min. 3) Polar activator, mix for 10 min. 4) Surfactant 5) Pigment 6) Dilute 2. For non-wettable resin, addition sequence is as follows:1) Solvents2) BT organoclay powder, mix for 10 min.3) Polar activator, mix for 5-10 min.4) Resin 5) Surfactant 6) Pigment 7) Dilute

A. Charge the organic solvents to the dispersion vessel, rate of use is generally 87%. Mix
B. Add 10% BESTGEL series additive. Disperse at high speed (3000rpm) for 10min.
C. Add polar acrivator, rate of use is generally 3% Disperse at high speed (3000rpm) for 10-15 min.

2. Addiing of BESTGEL pregel:
A. For non-wettable resin (epoxy, polyester, polyacrylate, etc.), use in combination with surfactant, addtion sequence is as follows:
(1). Charge resin and solvents, mix
(2). BESTGEL pregel
(3). surfactant
(4). pigment
(5). dilute

B. For non-wettable resin and non-thixotropic pigment, addtion sequence is as follows:
(1). Charge resin and solvents, mix
(2). Surfactant (if any)
(3). pigment
(4). Disperse to desired fineness with grinding.
(5). BESTGEL pregel
(6). Disperse again to desired fineness with grinding (if required).
(7). dilute

Advantages︰ FCC INC Additives including a range of natural additives, synthetic additives and suspension agents. Anti-settling additives and suspension agents are frequently used in industrial solvent borne coatings and they play a crucial role in sag control and pigment suspension. Suspension agents have the adding benefit of being able to do this without increasing the application viscosity. When this is coupled with Rockwood’s understanding of the way these suspension agents work we are able to create products which provide solutions to all your anti settling needs.
If you would like any more information regarding any of our anti-settling additives or suspension agents then please feel free to contact us we will be happy to answer any questions or queries

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