Model No.︰HGSD

Brand Name︰ADDEZ

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ ADDEZ HGSD Glass Bubbles help attain fluid densities as low as 5.3 pounds per gallon (0.65 kg/l).ADDEZ HGSD glass bubbles-based fluids control density efficiently, process easily at rig site and are compatible with surface cleaning and other downhole equipment. These fluids also are ideal for the range of temperatures, pressures and hostile environments found downhole.

Drilling fluids or muds made with ADDEZ HGSD glass bubbles series can provide an economic alternative to aerated drilling fluids. These reduced-density fluids are homogenous, incompressible, stable and allow measurement while drilling (MWD). They provide good borehole stability and excellent hole cleaning. These low-density fluids permit at balance, near balance or underbalanced drilling. In general, reduction of differential pressure can result in:

•Higher productivity through increased rate of penetration (ROP)•Elimination of differential sticking•Reduction or elimination of lost circulation•Reduction in formation damage

Export Markets︰ GLOBALLY

Payment Details︰ TT IN ADVANCE