Portable Digital Viscometer

Portable Digital Viscometer

Model No.︰PDV

Brand Name︰BVISCO

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ BVISCO -PDV Series Portable Digital Viscometer

Insert fluid instant measurement

Technical characteristics:

Microcomputer control technology, user friendly interface;

The new humanity design, simple operation, quick and accurate measurement;

Have full range, each retaining linearity measurement correction;

The new design, the LCD display,

Skidproof handle design, overrange alarm;

The screen direct display temperature, viscosity, rotational speed, torque, rotor number percentage meter and the rotor in the current rotating speed can be measured maximum viscosity;

The unique structural design, to ensure that the service life and the measurement accuracy;

The AC / DC power supply with two design, the lithium battery power was measured continuously for 8 hours without charging;

The portable package, can be used for field, laboratory and factory assembly line, the fluid viscosity measurement.


Ink glue emulsion solvent adhesive

Polymer solution oil paint solvent

Cosmetic medicine juice and milk products