FRGEL®H850 Rheology Modifier

FRGEL®H850 Rheology Modifier

Model No.︰FRGEL®H850

Brand Name︰FCC

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1000 KG

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Specifications︰ FRGEL®H850 is an organic thixotropic agent used to control the rheological properties of non-aqueous systems . FRGEL®H850 is generally recommended for processing in dispersion equipment,which does not develop heat ( to max 55 °C ) and with the aliphatic solvents.
Typical Properties
Composition An organic derivate of castor oil
Color white
Form Free flowing powder
Specific weight g/cm3 approx 0.95
Incorporation temperature 35°C-55 °C in Aliphatic or blends of aliphatic and aromatic systems
 Architectural finishes, solvent free Epoxy system Maintenance paints,
 Air and oven dry industrial finishes, Texture and Flamboyant finishes ,stains, Antifouling paints
 Trade sale finishes ,caulking compounds and mastics
 Sealants ,cosmetics

Advantages︰ Advantages
FRGEL ®H850 shows good thixotropic ,thickening and anti-settling effect. Promotes pigment and filler suspension ,controls flow and leveling, controls liquid penetration into porous surfaces, provides sag and slump control ,provide excellent package stability , Does not react with pigment or binders. Easier dispersing.

Export Markets︰ GLOBAL

Standard Met︰ ISO9001:2008