Synthetic layered silicate product - FRGEL® MPS

 Synthetic layered silicate product  - FRGEL® MPS

Model No.︰FRGEL

Brand Name︰FRGEL

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ FRGEL® MPS is a synthetic layered silicate product which design to be coated on to paper to give smooth,coherent and electically conductive films.(paper coatings)
FRGEL® MPS can swells in water to give clear and colourless colloidal dispersions of low viscosity known as sols( gallant ) . At 8% concentration in water, these will remain free flowing for 24 hours. On addition of small quantities of electrolyte, highly thixotropic gels are formed rapidly.

FRGEL® MPS may be utilised as a predispersed liquid concentrate and added to formulations at any point during manufacture

Standard Met︰ ISO9001:2008