Carbonless developers - ADDEZ® RS

Carbonless developers - ADDEZ® RS

Model No.︰ADDEZ® RS

Brand Name︰ADDEZ® RS

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ ADDEZ® RS is a high performance reactive acid clay which designed to give excellent colour development and fade resistance for carbonless copy paper .
ADDEZ® RS is compatible with all capsule technologies to produce a high definition
instantaneous image. Low coarse particle content minimises abrasion and capsule bleed, and
extends filter-cycles.
o ADDEZ® RS is a non-toxic material produced from natural clay and consequently has extremely low environmental impact.
Whiteness, % 84.0 ± 2.0
Particle Size,
Mean size micron 4.2 ± 0.3
Particles > 45 micron ppm 500 Maximum
Free Moisture, wt% 7.0 ± 2.0
Technical Information
Slurry pH for minimum viscosity 7.5
NB: Dispersion at this pH is recommended for optimum performance
2% suspension in water 3.5 ± 0.5
Bulk Density,
Aerated, kg/m3 420
Tapped, kg/m3 580

Carbonless copy paper is produced by breaking a latex capsule containing a dye onto a receptive surface which develops the duplicate image. ADDEZ® RS additives are a series of carbonless developers produced by acid activating carefully selected montmorillonite clays. These additives provide quality improvements over competitive phenolic resin developer systems. Fulacolor additives are designed to give optimal color development, fade resistance and image light stability while aiding operational reliability. The whiteness of Fulacolor additives will ensure that sheet whiteness is maintained without the aid of expensive white pigments.

ADDEZ® RS is available in the following packs;
25kg multiwall paper sacks, shrink-wrapped on pallets
1000kg Intermediate Bulk Containers

Standard Met︰ ISO9001:2008