Retention agent - ADDEZ® APP

Retention agent - ADDEZ® APP

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Specifications︰ ADDEZ® APP Retention agent with large molecular structure and with a positive charge, can absorb the negative of fines and fillers, the retention effect, but its molecular structure and contains a large number of hydrogen bonds is easily combined with the fibers to enhance effect. The additives with talcum powder retention increased by more than 60%, fines retention increased 20 - 30%.In 2, ADDEZ® APP multifunctional papermaking additives for paper physical indicators have markedly improved. C level for plate paper folding can increase 2-30%, the general folding can improve 15-20%, at the same time as the fines retention increased, filling the interstices between the fibers. On the board of the pulling force, flexibility, smoothness and uniformity, can significantly improve.3, because the ADDEZ® APP multifunctional papermaking additives retention and fine fibre and filler retention improvement, make the network under the white water concentration is reduced, reduce the pressure of environment protection.4, has highlighted the filtration effect, which can improve the operation, reduce the end breakage, improve the speed, improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the cost of production.5, has obvious so that glue. On AKD sizing agent has good retention effect, after using this product can reduce the using amount of AKD sizing agent.In 6, the product is highly soluble in cold water, thus diluting the convenient use.Product use:ADDEZ® APP multifunctional papermaking additives, mainly used in kraft paper, white paper, paperboard, writing paper, copperplate paper, newsprint, toilet paper and high, TolA and other aspects of the paper. Can enhance, retention effect.Product function method:In 1, the first auxiliary diluted with water 20 times before joining network uniformly high in box.2, like adding content of about 0.4-1.5 (paper products calculation ), the drug should not be used metal container for storing, appropriate uses plastic, glass or glass container.3, prevent the macromolecular chain breaking, suitable for low speed pump.In 4, the product should be stored in ventilation, shade 30 degrees C storage under appropriate.5, the paper in the physical test, should be in first place for 24 hours under the condition of constant temperature, or wet kept for a long time, so that the sample and air fully balanced, moisture consistent premise.Packing.Industrial use of 50kg or 200kg plastic barrels packaging.

Standard Met︰ ISO9001:2008