Soil improver ADDEZ® SB

Soil improver  ADDEZ® SB

Model No.︰ADDEZ® SB

Brand Name︰ADDEZ® SB

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ ADDEZ® SB is a soil improver. ADDEZ® SB possesses natural absorbency, water retention and soil binding properties leading to improved fertility of soils and the prevention of wash-out of fertilisers.

Advantages︰ Many sandy soils suffer low water holding and a tendency to waterproof when dry. Working in ADDEZ® SB will improve both of these problems in applications ranging from agricultural farming to the home gardener.

ADDEZ® SB can be used to increase water retention abilities when transplanting plants, shrubs and Camellias and before laying turf.

Export Markets︰ Global

Standard Met︰ ISO9001:2008