Montmorillonite with eight surface - ADDEZ® MT

Montmorillonite with  eight surface - ADDEZ® MT

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ADDEZ® MT Montmorillonite particles are small, about 0.2 to 1 microns, with colloidal dispersing characteristics, usually in blocks or earthy aggregate output. Montmorillonite under the electron microscope can see flaky crystal, color or white, or light blue or light red. When the temperature reached 100~ 200 ℃, montmorillonite in the water molecules will gradually run. Dehydration of montmorillonite after also can absorb water molecules or other polar molecules. As they absorb water can also be expanded over the volume of the times. Montmorillonite is a variety of purposes, it is applied to the characteristics of chemical reaction to generate adsorption and purification function. It also can be used as paper making, rubber  filler, cosmetics, oil decolorization and petroleum cracking catalyst and other raw materials, can also be used for geological drilling mud, metallurgy adhesives and medicine etc. ( mainly manufacture montmorillonite powder ).

Montmorillonite by environmental humidity and water content change greatly, its composition is generally ( Na, Ca ) 0.33 ( Al, Mg ) 2 ( Si4O10 ) ( OH ) 2 / nH2O. Monoclinic crystal flake, or flocculent, felty. Sheet for negative. Parallel extinction, positive ductility. Two axis negative crystal. Alkaline medium to form the exogenic mineral, volcano ash and tuff weathering and decomposition products, is constituted of bentonite, bentonite and bleaching clay is the main component of. Usually the earthy block. White, sometimes tinged with red or green. Burnish is dim. The hardness of 1. Densities of about 2. Absorbent. After the water volume expansion and increased by several times to 10 times, with strong adsorption capacity and cation exchange properties. Because of containing the mineral clay is a kind of high mudmaking rate quality mixing clay, commonly used for petroleum drilling fluid filtrate reducer and thickening agent, is also used in refinery, textile, rubber, ceramics and other industrial. [ montmorillonite CAS:1318-93-0

Specifications︰ ADDEZ® MT Montmorillonite is composed of very fine particles of hydrated aluminum silicate composition of layered minerals. Montmorillonite belongs to the subfamily of smectite group ( smectite ) is one of the minerals ( another subgroup is Soapstone saponite ), is an important clay minerals, generally to block or earthy. Molecular formula ( Al, Mg ) 2[Si4O10] ( OH ) 2 nH2O, intermediate alumina surface of the body eight, the next silicon oxygen tetrahedron composed of three lamellar structure of clay minerals, in the crystal structure of interlayer water and cation exchange, has high ion exchange capacity, high water absorption and swelling capacity. Montmorillonite crystals are monoclinic aquifer structure of silicate minerals

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Standard Met︰ ISO9001:2008