Suspending agent - montmorillonite ( MMT)

Suspending agent - montmorillonite ( MMT)

Model No.︰MMT - DF MMT-X

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Specifications︰ MMT series is designed as uspension agent and isolating agent for rubber products production process . It is because Rubber in the production process, because the rubber self adhesive, glue in the process will be mutual adhesion, resulting in processing and transportation difficulties, therefore, in mix eventually finished products, such as handling and storage of rubber extruder, extruding, and thermal mixing before, will draw the corresponding film coating a layer of isolating agent, to prevent the film from sticking to each other. Rubber isolation are mainly used in tire manufacturing enterprises in the mixing process of rubber film between the isolation, and can accelerate the film cooling, can also be used for rubber or resin and mold to prevent adhesion between them. Rubber film isolation is generally composed of a fatty acid salt of inorganic mineral filler and layered silicate montmorillonite suspension agent, surface active agent and other components of the mixture, the dispersed in water, 3-4% dispersion is a stable suspension. When mixing film suspension impregnation ( or spraying ) in the film formed on the surface of a layer of elastic film, preventing the film between the adhesion and deposition of dust, which can avoid the subsequent processing in the process of trouble.

Advantages︰ MMT series montmorillonite suspension agent introduced by FCC Inc. has excellent thickening and suspension, is a film isolating agent in good suspending agent, and the nano lamellar structure and isolation agent important solid isolation components. This product is purified modified smectite clay, rice white non-toxic tasteless, soft powder. In water has excellent expansibility, colloidal dispersion, suspension, thickening and thixotropy, is water system excellent anti settling agent, emulsion stabilizer and rheological additives. This product also has very good adsorption, barrier property, flame retardant, ion exchange, a transfer adhesive. Thus in water dispersion system has been widely applied in sewage treatment. This series of products in toothpaste, cosmetics, health products, animal feed, oil drilling, rubber isolation film, isolating agent, sewage treatment and other daily-use chemical widely used as suspension, paste the thixotropic agent, emulsion stabilizer, thickening agent, dispersing agent, catalyst; in special casting coatings and a variety of ceramic color oil paint, used as the base material of the suspension agent; also can be used as a textile paste for flame retardant.

Export Markets︰ Global

Standard Met︰ ISO9001-2008