Polyamide wax FRGEL®6900

 Polyamide wax FRGEL®6900

Model No.︰FRGEL®6900

Brand Name︰FRGEL®6900

Country of Origin︰China

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Specifications︰ FRGEL®6900
Rheological additive
FRGEL®6900 is a special polyamide wax, designed for various of solvent based paints and coatings, provide excellent thickening, pigment anti-settling and anti-sagging function; FRGEL®6900 also enhance flake orientation of metallic and pearlescent pigments in formulation

Advantages︰ Advantages
* Impart strong thixotropic properties, excellent anti-settling and anti-sagging
* No need precise temperature control than traditional additive
* Less seeding tendency and easy to process
* Minimum affect on film gloss and weather resistance
* Easy dispersing and excellent compatible with a wide rage of solvent/resin
* Improve orientation of metallic and pearlescent pigments