We always keep Benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom,loyalty as our corporate philosophy since the  beginnings. We keep developing new products and developing basic foundation of our R&D and production lines. Today we are a globally recognized leader in severial fields, we cannot remain stagnant in hope that this success will continue. It is imperative to look towards tomorrow and aggressively stay one step ahead of our competitors. We will do so through innovation and reinvention. We will continue in our development of the highest quality clay-based rheology modifiers available. Taking it one step further.We will go beyond clay-based products by developing and supplying synergistic chemistries to our strategic coatings, oilfield, paper, personal care and plastics markets. Finally, in the continuing effort to reinvent ourselves in order to stay competitive we will undertake nanocomposite organoclay technology development in an effort to expand beyond our traditional markets. We will remain at the forefront of the fine chemical industry. This will not only lead us, personally, into greater success but will also supply the global market with a higher standard of additives for their own needs.